Wash your new baby clothes


As we march towards the final weeks of pregnancy, we need to make sure everything is in order especially for the baby and mom things. If you bought a new baby clothes, you need to wash them.

Few reason why you should wash your new baby clothes:

  • Better hygiene
  • The clothes you bought may have been handled and touched by several people.
  • The starch on the fabric may not be baby-friendly besides the fabric feel rough and not breathable.
  • Imagine towels, some towels required you to wash several times before it full absorb water.

And I just wash the baby clothes using the washing machine with detergent and antiseptic like Dettol.

The washing part is okay, now if you see the laundry line for baby, it is the first sight of what’s next of being a first time dad. Welcome to the dad’s club!


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