Top 5 things you could do to help your wife

Your wife has delivered your baby (and some babies) :) And now, these are five things you could do to help your wife. Remember, be the angel…

No. 1 Support and Response Unit


As a husband, during and after the pregnancy, you should be the rock of calm to your wife and family. This will help you to think rationally and judge better. As much as possible, as much as time permit, you should be the No. 1 support and response unit to your wife and baby.

Always ask what you can do. After two or three weeks, you should know the pattern and there are few things that you could do before hand to buy you some time such as:

  1. Prepare the things for changing napkins in a designated place.
  2. Make sure the room is clean.
  3. Fold your baby clothes and arrange them while watching TV or making calls.

Wash baby clothes and shopping

It would be easy if you have a maid or you are staying with your in laws, as they will help you with this task.

Ensure that your wife and your baby essential things are available ie diapers, baby wipes, etc. Check on the internet if you could get a supply of these things online and get them deliver to your doorstep. And look for offers and discounts as you could save a lot during promotional period.

And you could buy yourself some time when you are out shopping. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and breath. This will help you to organize things better and call your parents to ask.

Rub her feet and massage

Rub your wife feet and give a little massage to the foot and back. This will help your wife to relax and loosen up.

If your wife is breastfeeding your baby, it is very important for them to get enough rest and relax as it is good for the milk production.

Hold your baby

Whenever needed, hold your baby for your wife. It’s the relationship bond moment for you as a dad and your baby. Even though the baby could see your face clearly during first few weeks, but they will remember your voice and your shape. Baby is smarter than you think they are :)


Say thank you, I love you

Finally, say thank you. Say I love you to your wife. Whenever you need to go out to work or shopping, kiss your wife and baby. Do you have other things you can think of, share with us.

Wishing you a happy fatherhood and be the angel to your wife and your baby!

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  1. buy her a Happycall Pan! Sure will help alot in preparing makananberpantang (ikanbakar , ayam bakar, kentang bakar etc)

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